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What is in a name? The real redskins flex political muscle on an Ottawa football field

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What is in a name? The real redskins flex political muscle on an Ottawa football field

Those afflicted with the tragic, debilitating disease known as political correctness will have already dismissed me a s a racist because of the headline on this post.

For those of you missed the crime, I have referred to Indians as redskins. And I’ve just doubled the crime by calling native Canadians Indians. I’m not even sure the first i in indians should be capitalized. India is a place but those that I write of are not Indians, after all.

Also, I was born and raised in Canada. According to the national anthem, Canada is my home and native land. That does, I believe, make me a native Canadian, even though I am not an indian, or an Indian. Native Indian, of course, cannot be native Canadians unless….

Okay, never mind all that. To the point.


An Ojibwa named Ian Campeau  filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal stating that he was offended that an Ottawa area football club call themselves the Nepean Redskins. Before the Tribunal could consider the matter, the Redskins folded. lsat Friday, Redskins President Steve Dean announced that the club will cease to be known as the Redskins at the end of this season.

The news came to me from this piece in The Globe and Mail, by Josh Wingrove.

The piece is puzzling. And annoying.  it does not explain why Campeau is offended. Did the reporter not bother to ask? Or did the editor decide it was of no import? I will fire an email off to the reporter as soon as I finish posting this and ask for clarification, Yes, I suppose I should ask Wingrove to answer before posting but it could come to pass that I never get an answer and I am not going to spike this one while I wait for replies from all concerned.

When I linked the story in a Facebook post on Friday I asked WTF is this guy offended about (no, I do not need a question mark at the end of that sentence, but thanks for playing). A friend wrote that it was self evident. Apparently The Globe and Mail thought so, too. But it’s not self evident to me. In fact, it makes no fucking sense to me at all.

Campeau’s complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal was backed by the Assembly of First Nations. According to the Globe, “AFN chief Shawn Atleo had called the Redskins name ‘hurtful and completely inappropriate,’ saying “it is unfortunate that this step must be taken as a last resort.”

AFN Chief Sean Atleo

AFN Chief Sean Atleo

If Wingrove asked Atleo to explain how and why a bunch of kids playing football  and calling themselves the Redskins was hurtful and inappropriate, the chief either did not bother to answer, or Wingrove didn’t bother to report the answer. Or maybe a Globe editor decided it was of no import and deleted the answer before running the story.

This has been an ongoing issue for many years now. North American sports teams that use indian nicknames have been labelled racists etc since the 80s, so far as I can remember, Hey, didn’t political correctness first become en vogue with muddle-minded lefties in the 80s? Why, yes, I believe it did.

No campaign has ever forced any of North America’s sports teams that use Indian nicknames to change their names (yes, I am switching back and forth between Indians and indians intentionally).

I can make a plausible claim to having Viking ancestry. Should I file a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights  and attempt to force the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings to change their name to the One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eaters?


Can Buckingham Palace demand that the LA Kings, Kansas City Royals and Sacremento Kings change their names because Her Majesty is offended?


You have to know that the Parti Quebecois has long dreamed of forcing the bleu blanc et rouge to change their name to the Montreal Quebecois.


Should packs of indignant midgets start setting themselves on fire at San Franciso Giants games?


Should Satanists start burning midgets and sacrificing virgins outside the home of the LA Angels until the team changes its name?


Should the Pope show up in San Diego and shoot the shit out of the heathens until the Padres change their name?


Should Gandalf and Merlin get all indignant and demand that the Washington Wizards change their name?


Did God himself order the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to drop the Devil  from their name in 2008 and them reward the perpetual cellar dwellers with a trip to the playoffs?

If so, why has he not seen fit to do the same for the New Jersey Devils? Is it because Marty Brodeaur beat Jesus out of the starting job in Jersey?


Okay, enough meandering, let’s pull this one back onto the tracks.

WTF are indians offended about? Sports teams do not choose nicknames that would leave them open to ridicule, scorn, mockery. They choose names that all who love the team can be proud of.

Excepting the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New Orleans Pelicans, teams usually choose names of strong, courageous, valiant creatures, and so it is with the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Blackhawks.

Indians who get hysterical about this issue must surely be kidding. At least the intelligent ones, must be. Surely they must know that teams that use indian names do so as a form of tribute, not derision.

So, what’s this really all about, huh?

It’s political muscle flexing. It’s political correctness at its worst – we are victims and if you do not agree with us, you are racists.

Unless someone can prove me wrong – and I am going to ask Campeau and the AFN for their two cents – what this is, in the final analysis, is BULLSHIT.



In fact, I’ll g so far as to say that the complainers would start shilling team merch.

Indians sure as hell have a lot to complain about but this nonsense should not be on anyone’s list.


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