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‘Real’ indians don’t like apples that like Redskins

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indian battle

A couple weeks back I caught a bit of flak for the three part series I did on the use of indian nicknames by sports teams.

What is in a name? The real redskins flex political muscle on an Ottawa football field

Redskins fall silent

Can a redskin say nigger?

My detractors didn’t go so far as to accuse me of being a racist, but they did insinuate that I was close to being worthy of such a charge.

The foundation of my argument was (and is) that it’s idiotic to classify this as racism because teams use names that they think are honourable, possibly even worthy of reverence. Why would a team’s supporters pick a name the easily lends itself to mockery?

No one cared to argue that particular point with me. Their basic argument was that if the Indians are offended, the names should be changed. Which is nonsense, but never mind, let’s move on.

Yesterday, a reader sent me a link to a very interesting story on this very subject (at the moment, that link is really sketchy, cutting in and out).

The issue has become hot enough t merit an opinion from Obama and coverage in major corporate media. The target for this latest attack is the Washington Redskins football team.

The upshot of the piece is that 90% of Mairkan Indians do not consider the term redskin a racial slur, and have no problem with sports teams using indian names.

It’s not surprising that the people behind these campaigns are dismissing their own people, who disagree with them, as apples (red on the outside,, white on the inside):

“But the Indian activist Suzan Shown Harjo, who has filed a lawsuit seeking to strip the “Redskins” trademark from the football team, said the poll neglected to ask some crucial questions.

“’Are you a tribal person? What is your nation? What is your tribe? Would you say you are culturally or socially or politically native?’ Harjo asked. Those without such connections cannot represent native opinions, she said.”

I’d not be surprised to discover that Suzy has so much disdain for the apples in her midst that she would support transferring all governmental funds that go to apples and all apple organizations to her and whoever else she considers a real indain.

Yes, I am aware that this story comes from an evil media giant, and it’s absolutely plausible that the reporters twisted things around to please their ‘parents’ but, for the moment at least, I think there’s more than a grain of truth in the piece.

Then again, maybe I’m just a racist who likes anything that backs his racist bullshit, right kids?



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