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Bad bedside manners

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Marina and i both had to go get our blood tested this morning. I’m one of those writers who does his best work after midnight, so I was up until 5 am. I got an hour of sleep before Marina woke me up. I was grumpy.

Marina told me I needed to brush my hair and teeth before we went to the clinic.

“What the Hell for?” I grumped. “We already know I’m ugly and stinky.”

I don’t like needles but Marina HATES them. The last time I had to get a shot, Marina fainted.

She was nervous and a bit nauseous as we entered the clinic. When the nurse stuck her, Marina started to fell woozy. As the nurse drew a second, third and fourth vile, Marina faded away. The nurse kept jabberng, asking Marina nothing questions to keep her talking. All all the blood that is required was sucked from her arm, Marina started to slide down in the chair.

Another nurse came and put a cold, wet towel on Marina’s face. They got her horizontal. Marina was blabbling, partly in Montenegrin, partly in English. Several other nurses came to watch. Then the old folks who were in line behind us could not resist the temptation to stick their noses in to see the show. No less than twenty people poked their heads in before Marina regained complete lucidity.

Marina looked at me and smiled, happy to know that I’d been with her the whole time.

“You really suck at this, honey,” I said.

Marina smiled, laughed, kicked me and said, “Shut up.  I knew she was alright.


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