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Let it Snow let it Snow let it Snowden

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Barack Obama, Angela Merkel

I am really hoping that The Guardian has been baiting a beautiful trap for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The paper’s Snowden-leaked revelation that the NSA has, or had, been tapping the phones of 35 world leaders has triggered calls for charges of treason against The Guardian (I’m not sure how one would go about hanging a newspaper, if such a charge was brought and a conviction ‘won’) by hysterical Brits.

While I lived in Londonium in the late 90s I came to understand that the Brits are still obsessing about WWII. British disdain for Germany is obvious to any observer of UK media, although I will admit that much of it is somewhat good-natured. All the same, it was no surprise that Britiots cared not that Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel was one of the world leaders being spied on by the Yanks.

The British PM doesn’t seem bothered by any of this. David Cameron told reporters, “The first priority of a prime minister is to help try and keep your country safe. That means not having some lah-di-dah, airy-fairy view about what this all means.”

But The Guardian has yet to reveal the names of the other world leaders whose phones were being tapped.

What will Cameron and his caterwauling cretins going to say if and when The Guardian reveals that The White House is listening in on phone conversations coming from 10 Downing?


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