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Senator Tom Crper reveals that Al Gore is Satoshi Nakamoto

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Al Queda/Jazeera Gore is Satoshi Nakamoto

Al Queda/Jazeera Gore is Satoshi Nakamoto

Did Senator Thomas Carper (Dem Del) just out Al Gore as the creator of bitcoin?

Yes. Yes, he did!

At the end of a Monday, November 18 hearing into virtual currencies in front of the US Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, Carper asked panelists if they know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, laughing, “It’s not Al Gore, is it?”

God Damn! Of course Al Gore is Satoshi Nakamoto. How could we not have seen it?

Gore has been exacting revenge on Mairka since the day the Supreme Court awarded the 2000 Presidential election to Dubya. First he created global warming. Then he sold his pissant TV station to Al Queda… hey… wait a minute! AL Queda? It’s not Tom Queda. Or Dick Queda. Or Harry Queda. It’s AL Queda.  Whoa! This is heavy.

What’s that? It’s called Al Jazeera? Oh, what’s the difference? It’s still Al Jazeera, so he probably owns it. He just sold it to himself in some sort of impossibly clever, double-down on the river, Chinese algebra ponzi scheme that even David Icke couldn’t parse.

Okay, calm down, Brian. Get a grip. Get on with the story.

Global warming, Al Queda TV and now bitcoin. Dude knows how to fuck shit up!

Think this is nonsense? This press release calls Carper, “a long-time advocate for economy-wide climate change legislation,” and refers to his Clean Air Planning Act. Anyone think it’s a coincidence, an inconvenient truth, that Carper is carping about Gore’s campaign/crusade?

In this video Carper says of Joe Lieberman, “I love Joe. For years I said ‘I’ll be your wingman, I’ll be your second banana, Joe.’” Lieberman, of course, was Gore’s running mate in 2000.

Who, pray tell, would be in a better position to know that Satoshi Nakamoto is, in fact, Al Gore, than Senator Thomas Carper?

Was it a coincidence that it fell to the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee to be the first Congressional body to hold hearings on disruptive digital currencies? That honour could have gone to the Budget Committee; the Commerce, Science, and Transportation  Committee; the Finance Committee, or the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Did Carper arrange this hearing to be held in front of him just because he could no longer resist the temptation to spill the truth about who wrote the bitcoin protocol? I’m betting he did.

I’m also betting that while Carper was mocking the world with his revelation, his boss, Al Queda Gore, was driving bitcoin through the stratosphere. Two and half hours after the end of the hearing, bitcoin broke the $900 barrier.

All aboard the Bitcoin Bullet, piloted by Captain Al Gore

All aboard the Bitcoin Bullet, piloted by Captain Al Queda/Jazeera Goreaka Satoshi Nakamoto

The bitcoin price has been on an insane run for weeks leading up to the hearing. C’mon, you can’t picture Gore snorting big fat rails of pure Peruvian flake and laughing maniacally as he masterfully maneuvers this locomotive that everyone thinks is a runaway?

Driving that train
high on cocaine,
Casey Jones you better
watch your speed
Trouble ahead
trouble behind
And you know that notion
just crossed my mind.


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