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Grey Cup memories

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I just clicked on the Grey Cup game

grey cup



and got the heebie jeebies.

When I was a kid, relatives of mine, who I never liked,



would regale polyester clad rye and seven swillers at curling club parties with stories of Grey Cup shenanigans and debauchery.

2 guys

They would go on about the great train trips

bar car

to exotic places like Winnipeg and Hamilton

I can still picture dentures slipping out of mouths,


spittle flying all over the room, as they got drunker and drunker, middle-aged dentists and mill foremen




over the nubile, rock ‘n’ roll teenage daughters of their second cousins,


and me, standing somewhere in a dark corner wondering, ‘How the fuck did I get born into this?’

Knowing them as well as I did, I could not imagine a more horrifying experience than being caught in a drunken sea of tens of thousands of such creatures.

Should I get filthy rich before they die, I’ll commission HR Giger and Ralph Steadman to point these scenes.



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