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Petition to cast Chris Rock as George Carlin

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rock and carlin

cause Rock has recently been passed over for the lead role in the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic.. Rock made a crack on the Leno show that Pryor’s widow did not appreciate, “”What the hell did Michael Vick do? Pitbulls ain’t (sic) even real dogs! Dogs have never been good to black people!”

Pryor’s wife responded thus:


For your information, Chris, what Michael Vick did was to torture, drown, electrocute and murder dogs all for fun and for profit! He went to prison for felony animal cruelty! That’s what he did! . . . These types of comments only encourage abuse and misunderstanding of this breed, as well as actual dog-fighting. Clearly this part of your latest stand-up routine would not make Richard laugh!


Rock would have been great in the Pryor role, but he’ll be even better playing George Carlin. Carlin and Pryor, wherever they are, would LOVE to see this!


And he play the role wearing “white face”

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