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$8.5 M worth of bitcoin lost in a lie?

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I just heard the guy who lost 7500 bitcoins on a hard drive that he threw into the garbage interviewed on BBC2

I’m not buyng it.

He was nervous as Hell (which can happen to people being interviewed live on air, i will grant), but was also shifty. I flashed back 8 year ld me the first time the cops came knocking on my door. I will never forget them telling me, “YOU DON’T HAVE TO REMEMBER YOUR LIES, IF YOU TELL THE TRUTH, BRIAN.”

He told host Jeremy Vine that he spilled liquid on his laptop. Vine asked, “What kind of liquid.”

Dude, very nervously said, “What?”

Vine said, “Did you spill your lemonade on it?”

Dude said, “Yes, I spilled lemonade on it.”

Cha-ching – NO SALE!

It’s a great story. It’s everywhere. The follow up on the show has been filled with people shitting non bitcoin – “It’s not safe. Stay away. If you had stocks, the company would have a record and you would just get another certificate. The bank would never lose your money” etc. etc.

It’s a perfect story for people who want to derail bitcoin and frighten the masses away. It may well be absolutely unverifiable. But maybe not. Bitcoiners will be all over the blockchai to find out what can be found out

Stay tuned.


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