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Chinese Christmas – a nascent bitcoin retail sector juggernaut

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This is off the top of my strange head, free flowing gibberish. It’s neither thorough, nor concise. It’s simply meant to get the little bitcoin fairies dancing around in your head.


Bitcoin needs its own consumer orgy, something to rival Black Friday, Boxing Day and Cyber Monday. Something bigger than all three put together. December 25 should be that day.

Call it Chinese Christmas. Why? Because, so far as I know and according to this , there is no national holiday on which gifts are exchanged – in Chinese societies, gifts are given for holidays, such as birthdays, “during official business meetings, and at special events like dinner at a friend’s home. While red envelopes (filled with cash) are the more popular choice for Chinese New Year and weddings, gifts are also acceptable.”

Obviously, December 25 is not a holiday in China, nor is it anywhere in Asia, which seems to be where bitcoin is becoming most popular. December 25 means nothing in most of Africa and large swaths of Eastern Europe, where Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7, without exchanging gifts.

December 25 may mean nothing to a majority of the world’s population but that does not mean they are ignorant of Christmas. Everyone knows Christmas and everyone wants to be a part of it – not the Christian part, but the presents.

Christmas, as a brand, is massive. It’s ripe to grow massively. Bitcoin is what’s needed to grow Christmas around the world. Christmas is what’s needed to grow the retail sector of the bitcoin economy around the world.

I live in Montenegro, an Orthodox Christian country. “Catholic Christmas,” as it’s called, is creeping in here with the arrival of Western companies. I assume it’s pretty much the same the world over, so the path is being paved for us already.

I may be wrong about this but I doubt Coke or Nike or fill in the blank give a damn if credit card companies and banksters get cut out of the action on the global expansion of Christmas. Retailers would surely be happy to see the end of the parasites who cut into their profit margins. So, we have natural allies.

My idea is to encourage people to give the gift of bitcoin on December 25. The recipients then use the bitcoin to buy what they want. That does away with the burden of shopping and ensures the recipients get exactly what they want.  Simplicity itself.

Chinese Christmas will become the biggest consumer orgy on the planet and even Westerners will get in on it. Smart Westerners will understand that bitcoin makes the best gift for the reasons stated above – you don’t have to shop and everyone gets what they want.

Those of us who are already in the bitcoin economy will lead the way in the West. When Uncle Billy shows up on Christmas Day and distributes bitcoin wallets to all the little boys and girls, everyone present will take note. Everyone will forget all about the shit they got and rush to the computer to get what they do want. Thus, the move from XX shopping days left until Christmas will begin to fade in folklore. In twenty years, no one will shop for Christmas – they will all shop on Christmas.

If we can create Chinese Christmas, with a billion shoppers, how can the likes of AliBaba, Amazon et al ignore it? I don’t know how they’re going to handle it, with the wild price fluctuations, but they won’t be able to ignore it

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

Chinese Christmas will also grow the cult of bitcoin. When people have some bitcoin in their hands they will want to defend it from those who would destroy it, or usurp it. They will start to learn about bitcoin and fiat. They will educate themselves, because they own some of it.

So, how do we build Chinese Christmas?  How about starting with AliBaba? How do we get AliBaba to the table? How about Ai Weiwei, the dissident artist? Yes, of course that’s dangerous because he is an enemy of the state. But he is a man of the people and he is known around the world.

Because he is a man of the people, he will recognize that bitcoin is the currency of the people. Bitcoin may be one thing the CPC and Ai can agree on. That, in and of itself, would be huge.

I have a journalist friend who interviewed Ai this past year, and I’m confident that he will give me Ai’s contact details and say a few nice things about me to him.

And if we get Ai, Ai can get us Banksy. If/when we get Ai, we let it be known that we are looking for Banksy.

Those of you who know anything about playing the media will understand that what I am proposing will generate millions of column inches of reportage in newspapers and online media and eons of air time on TV and radio. There are so many newsworthy angles in this idea that it’ll be Chinese Christmas all year in the media, not just because we’ve landed two world renowned artists but because we are globalizing Christmas and Santa Claus, who we redesign to differentiate from the old Santa(perhaps something as simple as a giant butcoin logo belt buckle) is laying waste to the old paradigm while the people cheer HO! HO! HO!.

Children will be sitting n Santa’s knee and telling him they want bitcoin for Christmas. Mall managers will light themselves on fire when they witness this. You think I’m kidding? Oh, no. We produce a cartoon of that happening and it will go viral. Let’s add a little libertarian twist to that cartoon, to appeal to bitcoin’s core. Kid tells Santa he wants bitcoin. Santa asks why. Kid says he’s going to use some bitcoin to buy what he really wants, and save some and watch it grow to $1 million, so he can retire by the time he hits his teens. Santa asks what the kid wants to buy. The kids says a hammer. Santa looks puzzled. The kid says, go on, ask me why, fatso. Santa asks. The kid starts swinging his imaginary hammer and laughs

So I can smash the state, smash the state, smash smash smash the state!

All the other kids in the line up start smashing the state with their hammers and chanting along with him, as does Santa.

One thing I’ve noticed about the bitcoin community is the lack of artists in it. I may e wrong about that but they are not obvious. Getting Ai and Banksy on board will help change that.

One idea that may be very interesting to Ai and Banksy is to hold a worldwide art auction on Chinese Christmas. Because bitcoin is abstract and even surreal to the masses, we can limit the artwork to those genres. Artists can bypass the parasites and sell directly to patrons of the arts. New giants of the art world will emerge, to the dismay of the art world snobs. How much money do the likes of Christie’s and Sotheby’s et al. pocket from the genius of artists? Fuck them.

What’s needed? ideas, a plan, money. Ideas will come like crazy from y’all. A plan will be developed. The new bitcoin bourgeoisie will bankroll it because it’s in their best interests.

That’s it. For the momenet, at least. And you? Tell me tell me!

I’ve opened this post to comments, which could include how to proceed communications wise – email, closed fb group etc

btcsalmi at gmail dot com


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  1. here’s a quote from an interesting interview with a ucsd phd student who tracked bitcoin transactions

    “The thing that makes me the most nervous right now is this volatility and this low trading volume, and the fact that these big whales with thousands of bitcoins can really affect the price single handedly.”

    would it be impossible to convince some of these whales to divest themselves of a few btc that could be given a chinese christmas gifts to kids? sitting on all those btc and wathing them turn to dust ain’t gonna do those whales any good, after all. if we can get more people into btc and using them, btc value goes up. so, the whales would, in fact, be making money by giving money away

    “That kind of stuff makes me a little nervous. It’s a chicken-or-egg problem. You need more people to adopt bitcoin in order to stabilize this, but people are shying away from bitcoin because they perceive it as volatile and as a risky investment.”

    “The other thing is, it would be important to see more legitimate uses of bitcoin. Its biggest problem right now is there’s no clear reason why I should start using bitcoin. I’m happy enough with my credit card.”

    btc’s volatility is a problem for retailers. it seems to be a catch 22. having more uses for btc would stabilize it but retailers won’t touch it until it stabilizes. or, am i wrong about that – i admit to being an ignoid

  2. it has been my considerable experience that, while people say the appreciate creativity, most of them really do not

    This piece on backs up my assertion
    i bring the piece to your attention, whoever you are, not to whine, but rather to bring your attention to this problem that may afflict you. satoshi nakamoto did not play it safe. in order to grow his creation, we should not play it safe, at least not all the time

    the bitcoin retail economy needs something massive to move it and chinese christmas could be massive

  3. Amid all the excitement and speculation surrounding bitcoin’s price over the last couple of months, it’s important to remember: to be worth anything at all, bitcoin must be accepted by merchants and used by regular customers on a day-to-day basis.


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