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The solution to the Redskins’ name dilemna

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I have  a knack for seeing opportunities where others see only problems and I see an opportunity within the Redskins name squabble.

Words are living creatures, their definitions often change over time. The solution, then, is to redefine the term redskin, so that only the lowest of bigots would even attempt to use it as an insult, and be laughed at for the attempt.

You can do this by working with American Indians to make the term redskin something to be proud of. Very proud of.

What’s needed is a campaign to educate people  about all that is great about American Indian culture and history. Such an effort would not only enlighten  non-Indians, it would empower redskins and make them proud.

Given the amount of media attention given to the issue at the moment, any solution will garner heaps of media coverage.

Such a campaign would cost some money up front. But that’s money well spent for the Redskins.

But there’s more than good PR to be gained by the football team. There’s money to be made, too.

From my quick research, I understand that the Cowboys are the only team in the NFL that opts out of the collective league pool of NFL Properties merchandising money

The piece that told me that is dated and that may no longer be true. It references a 2006 piece that references a 1999 report that states that the Redskins got $5 million in merchandise money from NFL Properties that year. You, obviously, will have today’s numbers at your fingertips.

According the CBS Sports there are 5.2  million American Indians. A partnership with American Indians could turn them all into Redskins fans. Such a campaign could also make Redskins fans out of people who are not even football fans.

You may remember when wearing Raiders gear was the cool thing. I have  a feeling Al Davis made a bit of cha-ching from that phenomenon . The same can happen for Dan Snyder. If the Redskins get well deserved accolades for putting forward a solution to the name problem and partnering with American Indians, the team’s merch may become the coolest bling in the country, proudly worn by all sorts of celebrities, which, of course, would further drive sales.

It sure looks like the NFL is going to expand into the UK. If you get there before London lands a franchise, you could become as big with Brits as the eventual London team. And remember, London is like any other city that dominates a country in that those who do not live there love to hate it. Football will become big in the UK as soon as they have a team but there will be many Brits who will hate the London team. Make those people Redskins fans. Could that enroll another three, four, five million members into Redskins Nation?  And, if so, what will that do for your merch sales? CHA-CHING! Get your team one, or more, of those Wembley games.

A partnership with American Indians could increase the team’s fan base all around the world. You could become the first NFL team to go global in the same way Manchester United, and Real Madrid are – obviously, football is small potatoes in the world compared to soccer but that may change in the LONG run and if it does the Redskins would be miles ahead of the rest of the pack.

If you do some market research, my admittedly ignorant ass would bet that you’ll find that there’s a case to be made for opting out of NFL Properties merch sales and going n your own, like the Cowboys do.

What would a partnership with American Indians entail?

As I’ve already stated, there would have to be some seed money to help them with a campaign to redefine the term redskins. Such an effort would, naturally, include praise for the Redskins. If your merch sales go up, give them a cut of the increased profits so they can carry on with their works.

I think that the only way to measure that properly would be to break off from the collective pool of NFL merch money, but you’d know better about that.

All of this could, conceivably, push your valuation up above that of the Pats, without even winning another Super Bowl, or maybe even contending. What;s that worth to your boos, especially if he decides one day to divest himself of the team?

If you were to, for just one season, select a cheerleading squad made up of only American Indian girls, and give them all full scholarships to DC based schools, you’d be heroes. And your cheerleader calendar sales might spike, too.

A lot of residential schools use Indian names. Give them all uniforms emblazoned with the Redskins logo. What’s that cost, compared to the great PR you’d get for it? And maybe one day one of those kids will grow up to be the next Jim Plunkett

Plunkett would be the perfect person to front this effort (but you’d have to forgive him for beating you in Super Bowl XVIII. You could even use the announcement of Plunkett coming n board for the effort to launch a campaign to get him into Canton. And wouldn’t it be amazing if the Redskins , not the Raiders, were the ones to get Plunkett into the Hall of Fame?

If you were to walk away from the NFL Properties merch deal you’d be free to choose the companies that produce that merch. Why not give the contract to a company owned and lead by American Indians that trains and employs American Indians?

If you were to put this whole idea, or big parts of it, on the table, and the redskins were to turn their noses up at it, they would lose all their support, even with their own people. Thay’d be insane to turn this down.

I’m gonna leave it at tat, for ow, but this should give you and yours a lot to think about.


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