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Marx and Lenin missed the most important part and Stalin wasn’t man enough to finish the job

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Communism’s greatest failing was that it aborted a lamentably limited campaign to eradicate organized religion.

Watch this bullshiit – in which a Muslim states that saying Merry Christmas is worse than fornicating, drinking alcohol and killing someone –  and tell me I’m wrong

Here’s an excerpt from my screenplay KILL ALL THE LAWYERS


You know the problem with Islam?

Akecheta is doodling NUKE MECCA on a pad on his desk     


No. But I do know what the solution is




Never mind. What is the problem with Islam?


The Muslim world never underwent an Age of Enlightenment. Science and reason never beat fanaticism into the dark shadows of disrepute.

Had that happened, Muslim fanatics would be far less dangerous. They’d be on a par with our Christian lunatics.


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