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When love spills out the door

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She’s the most remarkable creature, this girl I’ve married.

hi kenny, we love you

From the moment her mind breaks from her slumberous repose into a conscious state, she starts looking for love. looking for something to pour her love into.

If i am here, at the computer, I can feel her mind searching for me, her heart drawing me to her. If I am in the middle of some astounding thought that I simply must write down, and dally for a minute or two, she will be patient.

Should i resist her powers from more than two minutes, she will cry out, “Pookie,” which can be either myself, or our smelly, ragamuffin mop of a dog

By the time I get to the matrimonial bed, she will be frolicking with Pookie, and Huck, who sleeps under the covers, at Marina’s feet

The love is simply spilling out of the room. I am engulfed in it several feet before the door

Yes, I truly am the luckiest man in the world .


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i was born with skates on. i have three thumbs. i often wish i was a penguin. but i don't like fish, so maybe not.

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