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The case for dressing PK Subban and putting him on Crosby’s wing

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I want to make it perfectly clear that I am confident we are going to win hockey gold again on Sunday. I am always confident about that. If we should find ourselves trailing by three goals with 30 seconds left in regulation time, I will be thinking BILL MOSIENKO.

So this is not a desperate prayer that I am throwing out in the faint hope that Mike Babcock hears me and heeds my advice when I say to him DRESS PK SUBBAN. Yes, we will win gold, with or without Subban on the ice. But the battle will be more entertaining with PK on the ice than it will be with him hiding wherever it is we hide our guys who don’t dress.

Play Subban on a line with Crosby would make things even more entertaining. Seriously. Move Subban off the point and put him on Crosby’s wing.

The biggest reason Subban was not dressed for two of the three preliminary round games is that he gambles. Everyone is shit-scared that he’s gonna gamble and lose and it’s gonna cost us a goal, the game, and our gold. But that possibility, slim as it already is, becomes even more improbable if he’s playing up front, right?

Our biggest problem is not going to be goals against. Our D is too good for that to happen. Our problem could be lack of scoring. Can anyone say that PK lacks offensive ability? Fuck no. Is anyone clicking with Crosby? Fuck no.

If you can move a forward to the point ion the powerplay, why can’t you move an offensive d-man to a forward position?

If you think it’s an interesting idea, but believe that elevating him to the ‘first line’ is too much, let him be the 13th forward. Let him and Marty St. Louis take turns playing the wing on a line centerd by Taveres. Or Bergeron. Or whoever. Just put him up there and see what happens.

Chara is the only guy in the tournament who would be able to muscle Subban if we send him in front of the net, and we ain’t likely to see Chara anyway. Subban will drive opposing d-men insane. Think Dustin Byfuglien with twice the talent.

Here’s something else to consider. It’s late in a tie game. One of our less offensively talented d-men gets an opening, one of those once0-n-a-lifetime holes that seem  to have been created by the hockey Gods themselves. If Subban is playing power forward, our guy is going to KNOW that his ass is covered, and go for the gusto. Perhaps the gold medal winning gusto. If, on the other hand, Cory Perry is where Subban should be, our guy says, “No fucking way, am I risking it.”

Last thing to consider, Canada – if I’m right, and this happened, and it worked, would it not be one of the greatest hockey stories ever? Subban and Crosby making like Gretzky and Lemieux in ’87? Huh? Do you like that? Who the fuck would not love to see that? I mean, other than John Perkins, who doesn’t care whether we win or lose, and who would happily trade his Canadian passport for a Bobby Orr’s jockstrap?


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