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The Argument Clinic Balkan Redux in which 2 Canuckistanis living in self-imposed exile in Yugoslavia argue over… well, see if you can figure it out

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Brian Salmi
montenegro’s serbs are still fighting the 2006 independence referendum, which they lost. they are sure that mother serbia will get all her children back one day
PODGORICA – Unidentified vandals again demolished and stole the bust of Novak Milosev Vujadinovica in Orljevo, near Podgorica, which was put up…

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  • Michael A Lithgow likes this.
  • Louis Cyphre are there particular bad actors in terms of ethnic groups in your area?
  • Brian Salmi in the balkans, there is not truth, only hate. they all love to hate each other here. international consensus would be that the serbs are the most heinous, mostly, i think, thanks to milosevic… and tesla
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  • Danny Danbridge Did you post the right article? The one you posted is of a Serbian monument being knocked down. What did the Serbs do wrong here? What does this have to do with supposed Serbian irredentism- which I agree is a problem in the region, but can’t, for the life of me, see how a Serbian monument being vandalized in Podgorica has anything to do with that.
  • Brian Salmi spoken like a true serb imperialist
  • Danny Danbridge spoken like someone who doesn’t want to answer the question
  • Danny Danbridge I don’t know if you’re joking or not, but I support the free-determination of all the peoples of the former yugoslavia in their own, independent states. A Serbian imperialist wouldn’t criticize Serbian irredentism in his first post.
  • Brian Salmi are you saying the serbs don’t want to absorb montenegro again, one day? are you unaware of the ongoing battles between the serb and montenegrin orthodox churches? are montenegrns erecting monuments to momntenegrins in serbia? are there three or four political parties dediated to mother montenegro in serbia?
  • Brian Salmi i was out front of the mne parliament in the night mne rcognized kosovo. 10k people were there to protest. they ended up going on a little rampage

    guess what they were drinking. it wasn’t niksicko

  • Danny Danbridge about 30% of Montenegrins declare themselves as Serbs and, I would bet that that a good chunk of the 45% of them that declare themselves as Montenegrins also consider themselves as also Serbs. 

    Why can’t a minority erect a momument to someone they …See More

  • Brian Salmi if quebec separated from canada, what would happen if people who identified themselves as canadians started erecting monuments to canadian heroes on quebecois teritory?
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  • Danny Danbridge I don’t think you can put “the serbs” in one block and say that THEY want or don’t want anything in particular. You have all sort of political and social forces wanting all sorts of things. There definitely is a vocal and aggressive contingent of Serbs that want to make a greater Serbia. They make up about 18% of the electorate and are shrinking every elections
  • Danny Danbridge Sounds like you’re drinking some kind of kool-aid, Brian. There are all kind of monuments in Serbia built by Albanians, Bosniacs and other minorities and no one has a shit, and for things that are way more politically sensitive.
  • Brian Salmi do the bosniacs and albanains have an agenda to take serbia over?
  • Danny Danbridge Actually, yes. some of them and parts of it anyway.
  • Danny Danbridge I want an apology for being called a Serbian imperialist, damnit!
  • Brian Salmi i’m sorry you’re a serb imperialist. like that? 

    i’ve called you that before and you didn’t object

  • Danny Danbridge You’re also mis-seeing this as a struggle for territory, when it”s petty identity-politics
  • Danny Danbridge Well I’m objecting now. If you really think that then you’re very weirdly mis-categorizing me based on no evidence whatsoever
  • Brian Salmi i think you might be a bit under informed about the socio political situation in montenegro

    ****…See More

  • Danny Danbridge I may be underinformed. But ask yourself. How informed can you possibly be when you take many opportunities to brag about not having learned a single word of the language of the place you have lived for how many years? When you brag about not wanting to engage the people around you? How engaged with the community around them can someone who’s as isolated as you brag about being be?
  • Danny Danbridge How many people do you even have contact with? Can you count them on one hand, or would you need 2?
  • Brian Salmi you seem to forget that i was the editor of the ony english l;anguage mewspaper in ths country and continued to report on politis long after that post ended

    you seem to not understand that i interviewed dozens of politicla leaders. and that i have wor…See More

  • Danny Danbridge That speaks to the quality of the papers you worked for, not the quality of your knowledge. I’ve been reading your occasional posts on the region you’ve made your home for a few years now and your grasp of the situation around you is at an astonishingly beginner level in most cases
  • Brian Salmi okay, professor, whatever you say. you’re always welcome to challenge whatever i post. but i’m not in the habit of running y mouth when i don’t know what i’m talking about
  • Danny Danbridge The fact that you speak confidently, yet know surprisingly fuck-all about the place you call your home is exactly what I’m accusing you of.
  • Brian Salmi you’re drinking aren’t you? you always get pissy when you’re on fb and into the rakija. enjoy your night. i’m going to bed, mr. cranky pants
  • Danny Danbridge 

    sweet dreams. And feel free to rebut anything I’ve said.

  • Brian Salmi And feel free to rebut anything I’ve said.

    okay…See More

  • Danny Danbridge like this post, for example. 

    It’s a statue of a Montenegrin hero during a major fight with the Turks that they (Montenegrins) won. You’re thinking automatically that it’s some Serbian guy and that putting it up that is some sort of in-your-face cla…See More

  • Danny Danbridge Imagine someone told you they moved to Thunder Bay, Ont. and weren’t able to speak English, but told you, “I don’t need to chat with the people at the pub or the corner store. I chatted with lots of politicians 5 years ago, so I’m in the loop”.
  • Brian Salmi where, in that piece, does it say that the guy was montenegrin?
  • Brian Salmi i think you’re starting to suffer from stockholm syndrome
  • Danny Danbridge No, Brian. I poked around google and did a little research on the guy last night. Tanjug isn’t exactly a source of unbiased info.
  • Brian Salmi so, according to you, the guy was a montenegrin, not a serb, right? 

    and the source of the piece, which is something called, is flat out lying with this quote? – “The demolition and stealing of the bust of Novak Milosev Vujadinovica is a…See More

  • Brian Salmi here’s the phone number for the web site regristrants, maybe you want to check the story with them – 381.607077037
  • Danny Danbridge Brian, I think maybe you’re trying to view identity politics issues in Montenegro through the prism of the situation in Kosovo where you were previously. I’m not even sure how worth the effort it is to engage you on it as you seem kind of hostile to t…See More
  • Danny Danbridge so, according to you, the guy was a montenegrin, not a serb, right? 
    See More
  • Brian Salmi okay, so he was montenegrin. says he was a serb, as does the rep of the serbian national council

    doesn’t that give further evidence to my contention that ethnic serbs who carry mntenegrin passports can’t get over the fact that montenegro…See More

  • Danny Danbridge okay, so he was montenegrin. says he was a serb, as does the rep of the serbian national council

    doesn’t that give further evidence to my contention that ethnic serbs who carry mntenegrin passports can’t get over the fact that montenegro…See More

  • Danny Danbridge There are no winners in a ridiculous fight for the imaginary soul
  • Brian Salmi did i say the guy who’s pissed off is a serb? i think he did. he claims to be the something or other of the serbian national council in montenegro. at least according to

    when i do comment of this region, i almost always says – when it co…See More

  • Danny Danbridge You might notice that this whole discussion started with me asking a question and you responding with casting an ad hominem aspersion
  • Brian Salmi i was taking the piss. so far as i know, you HATE serbia

    examples of my ignorance, if you’d be so kind, please and thank you

  • Danny Danbridge I have more important things to do now than give you additional examples. Maybe later.
  • Danny Danbridge Too much screaming down the facebook echo-chamber today already  I got up early for a reason, and it wasn’t for this
  • Brian Salmi additional examples? you haven’t given ONE example

    if you can’t back up your accusations, you’re just talking shit

  • Danny Danbridge See, that’s the problem. I’ve spent hours explaining problems in your understanding and you think I haven’t. I have better things to do.
  • Brian Salmi you’re tlking shit. you can’t win an argument
  • Brian Salmi you’re not very good at this
  • Brian Salmi actually, you’re not good at this at all
  • Danny Danbridge I believe you
  • Brian Salmi hey, that’s a good line! is it yours?

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