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This is how sports haters are wrong

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A good friend of mine, who I grew up with, a sports hater, posted this right after the game yesterday:

“WE didnt win anything, just a group of strangers hitting a piece of rubber around on ice being admonished by a corrupt organization… Just sayin… “

to which I replied”

“So wrong, you are”

He asked me to explain how we was wrong, so I told him:

As absurd as it seems. this ad explains my position very well

But you won’t understand

You seem to believe that humans are incapable of forming bonds. that there is no such thing as brotherhood, sisterhood, humanity.

Because YOU are not part of US, WE do not, cannot, exist

When you go to a performance by a musical group that you admire, you understand that the people who conspired to put on the show, from the promoter to the stage hands, did so for no other reason than personal gain. The people that attended the show with you were not a part of anything. You and they did not create an experience. It was all about the performers and nothing but the performers

Hey, you may be correct,

But i don’t think so

I hope not, because the logical extension of this fallacy of yours, this cynical delusion that you cling to, is that your own son must be viewed as nothing more than a dependent parasitic life form that will abandon and reject you as soon as it is capable of doing so.

As you say, reality is not for the squeamish. but if this is your reality, it’s a very sad one, and I am truly sorry for you.


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