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Just got back from a walk n an area I’ve never been to before. got lost (well, as lost as you can get a half hour away from home). Really liked that feeling.

I’ve long known, and said, that I live inside my head. It can get crowded in there, some times. Lonely too. But I spend too much time in there. Walking around an area where iI don’t know what’s around every corner gets me out of my head. Makes me – or allows me to, maybe? – pay attention to things around me. the shapes of buildings. The colours of cars. The noises. It’s a vacation from myself.

I don’t travel a lot. but I do move a fair bit. I’ve lived in 15 different ‘places’ – towns, cities, villages, in four different countries, – in my life. Ten in the past 15 years. Every time I set up somewhere new, I wander around, drinking it in, and very much enjoying it.

I don’t know how homeys do it. I’d go mad if i stayed in the same place for too long. I guess forever ain’t too long for homeys. That’s what make them homeys

Home. An interesting concept. I don’t call this land my home. I don’t call anywhere I’ve ever lived home. Home is where Marina is

I look forward to leaving here, to going somewhere new. For the moment, my little walk into uncharted streets was very soothing. And I am home. Where Marina is 🙂


PS – Home is also where the dishes are, because Marina’s not THAT kinda girl, so i’d better get back into the kitchen, where, apparently, this man belongs, because it’s bedtime soon.


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