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Rubbing it in

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Playoff beards are a tradition in hockey. Simple idea – you don’t shave until you are out




So, here’s a promo idea. A razor company signs a 100 year deal with the NHL. Every team that makes it to the playoffs gets four giant razors, with their logos on it, signed by everyone on the team

giant razor


Winning captain present the giant razor to the losing captain at the end of every series. Losing team has to attach the giant razor to their Zambonis for the entirety of the next season.

I swear, I came up with this idea before I saw those pics. I just Google image searched “giant razor” and those came up.

Gillette is so close to this one – those pics are not photoshopped. They must have thought of my variation and rejected it, fearing that sore loser fans would buy someone else’s razors. Or, maybe the league rejected the idea  because it’s poor sportsmanship?





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