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Killers vs the Dead on the diamond?

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I’m watching the first Sunday night baseball game of the season. Padres vs Dodgers in San Diego.

The padres are wearing camo tops


If there’s one thing I can’t stand about sports, especially big league Mairkan sports, it’s how much military bullshit gets shoved into the picture. Never a word about how vets are constantly being fucked over.

The Giants are rolling into San Diego on Friday, April 18, for a three game series, which icludes a Sunday game. I’d love to see the Giants represent the other side of this nonsense by wearing tie dye

tie dye

Soldiers vs hippies. A promotion that no minor league team would dare to touch!

Can’t say I am overly fond of soldiers or hippies, so it would be hard to cheer for either team, but it would be a must watch all the same.

Alas, that ain’t gonna happen until Bill Spaceman Lee becomes Commissioner,


and that ain’t gonna happen ’til I appoint him, from my seat in the Oval Office, after Canada invades and conquers Mairka.


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