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Who the fuck are you?

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A few minutes after I posted my latest blog, I get a notification that someone blogging under the name WINSPORTSBET is following me. Okay, that’s fine.

Then I am notified that my new follower has re-posted my latest blog. I’m not happy about that, whoever the fuck you are.

Look, I don’t mind having my stuff re-posted, but if you’re in this blogging game purely fr financial gain, WTF makes you think you can use my work to put some change in your pocket, WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME?

Who the fuck do you think you are? What the fuck is wrong with you? How the fuck do I get a hold of your mother, so I can ask her if she raised you to be an asshole, or if you were born that way.


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i was born with skates on. i have three thumbs. i often wish i was a penguin. but i don't like fish, so maybe not.

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