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From the dumpster springs a fairy tale

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That pic up there is from Atlanta. It was supposed to be a wedding. But the happily-ever-after turned into “OMG WTF am I thinking? I’m outta here!”

The wedding was cancelled 40 days before the big day. According to the news story, which I picked up on my Facebook feed, it was too late cancel and get the money back. Yeah, that sounds a bit screwy, but I’m rolling with it.

The bride and her family decided to invite 200 homeless people to have a four course gourmet meal with them on the wedding day. Good on ’em!

I shared the story on Facebook, and joked that they should throw in an open bar and let the hunt for a new groom begin.

A friend cracked wise – “Yeah, ’cause it’s every girl’s dream to marry a homeless dude.”

To which I replied, “I was homeless when Marina met me and we have the best marriage in the world.”

To quote Dubya – never misunderestimate the power of love.


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