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Super size my freedom fries, slave

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I have a friend, who claims to be a libertarian. He and I both know that he is not. Marina mocks him, saying, “Real libertarians will not play with you.” But he continues the charade, kinda like the guys in the nuthouse who claim to be Jesus, or Napoleon etc.

My friend does not believe in coercion. He is, of late, campaigning for an end to minimum wages. He insists it’s for the good of the working poor.

Minimum wages exist now. Let’s say it’s $7 an hour. I think it safe to assume that the people working for minimum wage are not in favour of having of a pay cut.

So, my friend, who does not believe in THE STATE, or coercion, want to use the power of the state to take money away from the poor slobs.

I assume that my fiends, and his like minded brethren, are in a minority. I doubt they have a great deal of popular support for their scheme. So, they are attempting to use whatever power they have to convince the government to steal money from the working poor. 

I would not be surprised to learn that my friend’s friends are giving money to their friends in government in an attempt to take money away from the working poor. In fact, i’d be surprised if his wealthy friends are not giving money to their friends in the government in this effort.

So, I have offered  my friend an idea:

How ’bout all your friends go around every pay day and ask their minimum wage employees if they can have some money. Not ask if they can borrow some money, but ask if they can have some money. Tell them how it’s for their own good. Run massive advertising campaigns to educate the poor, stupid slobs so they understand it is in their best interest to give the boss some money.

Otherwise, you’re stealing from the working poor 

Is that what you men by freedom?

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What my freedom loving friend is proposing here isn’t quite breach of contract, but it’s close and almost as heinous.

The working poor have, in effect, appointed the government as their agents. The bosses accepted the terms of the contract the government negotiated on behalf of the working poor

Now, the bosses – who are jealous of their boss friends who are able to outsource their work to places where there is cheap labour – are attempting to bribe the agents of the working poor to fuck their “clients”.

In this ongoing FB debate, another friend piped in thus:

Everyone has the opportunity to be independent and not work for someone else. Some will succeed and some will fail. It is not a class war. If you are lazy, stupid, uneducated or have made a series of bad life choices then your plight is your own. I have been insolvent, broke and waaay in debt over my head. I made it through without crying to the state to bail me out or pay my rent. Unless you are mentally incapable of managing your own affairs then get off your ass and provide for yourself.

I asked if he filed for bankruptcy protection. Because, if he did, he used the power of Our Mother the State to protect him.

How, pray tell, is bankruptcy different from welfare?


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