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Tim Hunt has nothing to apologize for

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the crucifixion of nobel winning scientist tim hunt is the most horrifying and sickening pc witch hunt i have ever seen. for those who do not know, hunt said that female scientists can be a distraction to males, or lesbians i guess, working in the same lab, because you can fall inn love with them, which is very distracting. and if they fall n love with you, and you criticize their work, they cry

it was a joke. for this, he was forced from several posts and targeted byy all sorts of mental cases

marina and i met through work. i was editing two start up weeklies, one in kosovo, one in montenegro. i knew almost nothing about either country when i took the gig. nor did the two cubbies who were eventually hired as reporters. both countries were very politically sensitive. scrutiny of the papers by the powers that be was intense, given that they were the first and only english language papers in the market. the wounds from the most recent balkan wars were still open. getting stories wrong was potentially very dangerous. we were all working 100 or more hours a week in 35+ degree heat. the pressure was constant

and then the publisher hired marina. and i fell insanely in love with her, and her, i am happy to report, with me. i could not have been more distracted. if i was doing an interview, my mind would wander to marina. editing a piece? same thing. talking to a local to get a grip on the basics that must be known in order to report in a new area? same thing. it was marina, marina and marina all the time. and we were not even in the same country. this all happened by email, texts, chats and skypes

if i had criticized marina, as her superior, she may well have cried. she is a sensitive girl

that’s what tim hunt was talking about. love. the insanity of it. the magic of it. the beauty of it. for this egregious crime, people set out to destroy his career

maybe the people who are applauding the witch hunt have never fallen in love. maybe they have and were destroyed when it turned cheap. maybe their hearts are so blackened that they are no longer capable of feeling anything warm. i understand. i flirted with all that in my dark years before marina. i was emotionally malnourished, poisoned, for a decade before marina. an important part of me was dead

the vilification of tim hunt is a monstrous thing. anyone who supports it is either a monster, or well one their way to becoming one. they are sick. or dead. i’d feel sad for them, if they didn’t take such glee in hunt’s sacking, but they do, so they make me sick


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