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Could it be… Satan?

Abbotsford News
May 15, 1997
Page 1
Devilish deeds on Valley campaign trail
Christopher Foulds

Could it be the Devi! himself running in the Bible Belt, intent on raising some hell?

Well, not really, though the only independent candidate in the Fraser Valley riding is sure to upset the values and beliefs of many voters.

A last minute entry, Sa Tan (pronounced Satan) is a confirmed challenger to Reform MP Chuck Strahl’s seat.

Though Sa Tan is believed to be Brian Salmi, manager of Vancouver’s Niagara Pub, return­ing officer Jorgen Munk said only a Vancouver phone number was provided.

And when that number was called yesterday, a short message was played: “You have reached the offices of the committee to elect Satan! Leave a message and we’ll call you right baaaaack!!!”

Strangely enough, another call to the number one hour later produced a different message, concerning the Vancouver Cinema Society.

BC. Tel supervisor Maureen Dahl said the number connects to B.C. Tel’s call message service centre and labelled “strange” the abrupt change in messages.

Munk confirmed that Sa Tan paid the $1,000 candidacy fee and is a legitimate candidate.

Salmi, a one-time member of the Rhino Party, is well-known for running as a gag candidate in elections of all levels.

In 1993, he ran under the monicker Godzilla, campaigning in a monster costume and roller blades.

In last year’s Vancouver civic election, he ran as Ronald F. McDonald.

Sa Tan’s platform might convince some con­servative voters the June 2 election is indeed the coming of the Apocalypse.

If elected, Sa Tan has vowed to rename Abbotsford – to Abort-sford.

He was also seen passing out pamphlets to Vancouver club-goers last weekend, inviting one and all to an “orgy” at a farmhouse somewhere in the Fraser Valley, the location of which to be disclosed later.

Sa Tan has asked those attending to provide doctor’s certificates proving they are free of any sexually-transmitted diseases.

The Chamber of Commerce said Sa Tan would be invited to the all-candidates debate on May 28 – though it is not known if Beelzebub will dare set cloven hoof on Christian Valley soil.


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