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My first book, completed n 2007, is the tale of my contribution to a campaign that brought an end to the corrupt reign of a political party that had ruled Vancouver for a decade.

I’m tearing it apart and putting it back together. It should be ready by January 2014.

Here’s a review that pretty much nails it, and here’s how the book opens:

It was a nine month orgy of chaos and comedy, frustration and funarchy, depravity and despair. There were days when we would sit in The Bourbon plotting out the week’s paper, pouring cheap grog down our boozeholes and laughing like gas-huffing retards as I’d regale the assembled cast of conspirators with the tales of incompetence, duplicity, treachery and almost unbelievable stupidity uncovered at city hall in the past week. And there were days when we thought we could slit the throat of every corrupt motherfucker in town and get away with it simply because it was the right thing to do – that it was, in fact, our job to do so. But there were also dark, awful, never-ending, soot covered days when the only thing that stopped me from putting a gun in my mouth was the knowledge that I didn’t deserve to die, the feeling that things would, eventually, get better and the pure love of a ** **** *** girl I’d never met.

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