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This site is a work n progress. Soon, well soonish, I’ll have a great deal more wordwork loaded and you’ll have a chance to reward me for amusing you.

I’m going to install a paywall, which you’ll be able to bypass simply by clicking a button. Should you desire to throw me a bone, you’ll be able to do so making a donation, or tweeting a link to the piece.

The paywall company I am going with will also, sometime soon, give you the option of  watching an ad, if you want to reward me monetarily but not actually give me any of your money (although, I can’t imagine many companies, or even causes, will want to be associated with me).

M<y preferred currency is bitcoin. If you don’t know anything about bitcoin you should start learning because it is the future. One of the many great things about bitcoin is that it is peer-to-peer, meaning there are no intermediaries like banks, credit card companies or paypal. Service charges for transfers amount to around 10 cents and the transfers tale seconds, not hours or days. That mans that if you want to tip my 25 cents for a piece you like, it’s not going to cost you $25.25, or even $2.25

I hope to have dozens and dozen of piece up on the site by mid-October. Until then, you should be able to find a few things that will make you laugh somewhere in this mess.

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