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I’m a Canadian expat living in the tiny European republic of Montenegro, where the cost of living is low, which means I can undercut writers with comparable talents living in more expensive places.

I rent myself out as a wordwhore – yes, that’s my term,TM pending 🙂 – while working on various writing projects that will – one day, I swear – make me fabulously wealthy!

I prefer writing to editing, but I will edit your work if your writing doesn’t make me want to kill myself.

New York Minute CV

09/2008 – present: freelance journalist, communications consultant
Podgorica, Montenegro

I provide communications consultation for clients around the world.

03/2008 – 08/2008: editor/reporter, Montenegro Times, Kosovo Post
Podgorica, Montenegro; Pristina, Kosovo

Between March and June, I produced approximately 90% of the copy published in the Montenegro Times. Between June and August, I built the Kosovo Post into a decent little newspaper, both by writing copy and finding and developing local and international contributors. Alas, the publisher was not sufficiently endowed with the financial means to keep the papers alive until they became profitable.

2004 – 2008: freelance journalist and communications consultant
Yukon, Montreal, Calgary – Canada

While finishing my first book (writing, not reading), I wrote speeches, reports etc. for clients who specialize in political communications. Although I did write and sell a number of pieces to newspapers and magazines, I largely shied away from being an, “ink-stained wretch”.

2001 – 2004: city desk editor, Terminal City

Terminal City was an “alternative newsweekly” (now defunct). I was the paper’s primary political correspondent focusing on municipal and, to a lesser extent, provincial politics. As such, I was responsible for cranking out “hard news” pieces and a scathingly satirical column every week. On most weeks I would “pen” 2000 – 3000 words. I also did distribution, sold advertising and marketed the paper to our target audience.

1998 – 2001: freelance journalist, communications consultant
London (UK), Vancouver

Wrote and sold dozens of articles to media in the UK and Canada, including a cover story for Vancouver’s Georgia Straight that was nominated for a Western (Canada) Magazine award. I did political and media campaign work for a number of clients, primarily in the hospitality industry (Vancouver) and the automotive accessories industry (London). While in London I was a freelance creative consultant for several of the UK’s biggest advertising agencies.

1993 – 1998: national affairs desk, Terminal City

After just a year as a full-time, weekly columnist my work was nominated for a Western (Canada) Magazine Award, in 1994. Although I did some “hard-news” stories for the paper, I primarily concentrated on satirizing politics from City Hall to the House of Commons, to the White House, to the UN and beyond.

1994 – 1997: impresario/marketing director, the Mighty Niagara

Imagined, planned and executed numerous marketing campaigns that resulted in a great deal of media attention for the bar, quickly propelling it from an empty hole-in-the-wall to the hottest rock ‘n’ roll joint on the west coast. You may wonder what running a rock ‘n’ roll bar has to do with working for you but I assure you it’s relevant – I could not have been successful in the bar business without my Greenpeace experience and my experience in the hospitality industry will, believe it or not, help me help you.

1988 – 1993: Greenpeace Canada

I started my “career” with Greenpeace by selling memberships. If you can think of a tougher communications gig than rolling into a logging town and trying to sell Greenpeace memberships door-to-door, I’d like to hear about it. In 1990 I started doing campaign, media and direct action work for the organization. Before I left Greenpeace I’d worked on campaigns in a number of areas including nuclear weapons and energy, deforestation, reducing toxic pollution in the Great Lakes, ozone depletion and global warming.

1981 – 1988: unpaid activist
Various locations across Canada

At the age of 18 I became so alarmed at the escalation of the nuclear arms race that I could not remain silent. For the next seven years I worked with a number of organizations within what was known as the non-aligned peace movement. Being fully aware of the fact that our counterparts in the Soviet bloc were being jailed, tortured and even killed for doing the same things we were, the groups that I worked with did support work for dissident groups in the East, such as Charter 77, the Jazz Section, Peace and Freedom etc. in addition to campaigning against nuclear weapons.


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