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HR Manager/ Hiring Team
The Talisman Centre
2225 Macleod Trail South
 Calgary, AB 
T2G 5B6

January 10, 2013


Howdy, all:

I am certain that you are being deluged with applications for the Customer Service Shift Leader Position, so I will be succinct.

For three years I worked as a customer service/sales representative for Memory Express, here in Calgary. I learned the basics of customer service very quickly and kept learning throughout my tenure.

I was always attentive during staff strategy meetings, absorbing whatever was said and giving intelligent feedback.

I was never shy about offering any innovative ideas that I came up with that would improve productivity. In fact, management team members would often make a point of using me as a sounding board for many of their ideas before presenting them to staff.

Working different shifts does not bother me at all. Actually, I prefer to have different free time hours available to me.

I can learn and teach, lead and follow.

I am: trustworthy, loyal, smart, polite, compassionate, diligent,  punctual, fun and funny (and I suppose I’d better say etc. etc, instead of carrying on and running the risk of giving you the impression that I am a little too full of myself J).

The Talisman Centre has always been a ‘well run ship’ and I would love an opportunity to climb aboard with a genuine salute to captain, crew and especially members and guests.

I am available to meet with you at your convenience and look forward to doing so.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

There you have it. Like I promised – succinct.

Michael Costello

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