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FUNcouver was a concept that I developed when Vancouver became rightly known as No Fun City. I sold the concept to the organization that represented the city’s hospitality industry business owners (mostly bars and restaurants) in the run up to the 2002 municipal election, and then masterminded the campaign from behind the scenes

The FUNcouver campaign was an absolute juggernaut, garnering front page headlines and fueling countless debates on the campaign trail.

The following press release was issued in the aftermath of the drubbing of the no-fun-niks


Are We Having Fun Yet?

It has become very apparent that our work is far from done. It’s been several months since the municipal election – in which the frustration and dormant power of Vancouver funsters forced almost every candidate to promise to get out of the way and let the good times roll. Long suffering Vancouver funsters followed the lead of the Funcouver campaign and made FUN one of the three biggest issues in November’s election. Now, the forces of fun must once again rally under the FUNcouver flag and finish the job that was started last fall.

Many of the decidedly ‘anti-fun’ candidates were defeated. What we need to ensure now, as someone recently said, is that “we haven’t simply replaced a puritanical right-wing council with a puritanical left-wing council.”

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, Vancouver will not suddenly and miraculously be transformed into FUNcouver without the vigilant efforts of the public. There will, it seems, need to be more screaming and shouting before there is more singing and dancing. Rest assured that the people behind FUNcouver II are ready, willing and able to scream and shout – all day and all night, if that’s what it takes – to make sure that the rest of you can sing and dance whenever you want, without fear of being arrested.

We will not be the arbiters of fun. It’s not just our version of fun that counts; if someone believes something to be fun, it probably is. That’s our motto.

Our objective is simple and singular – we want to make Vancouver the most fun city in the world.

We hope you’ll join us.

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