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I’ve been a professional writer since the early ’90s.

I’ve twice been a finalist for a Western (Canada) Magazine Award – 1994 for my weekly column in Terminal City, and 2001 for a 5000 word cover feature for the Georgia Straight.

I’ve been published in most quality, major daily newspapers in Canada, numerous alt-weeklies, glossy magazines, and websites.

I’ve done public relations, investor relations, government relations and media relations writing.

I’ve conceived and executed low cost, high impact marketing campaigns for bars and restaurants, garnering international media attention in some cases.

If you’re interested in contracting my editorial services, here’s how it works:

  • we speak, at length
  • you tell me what you want/need
  • if you’re not sure exactly what you want/need, I can help you figure that out
  • I tell you what I can do for you and what it will cost
  • if you like my offer, we set target dates for the completion of stages of large projects, or final deadlines for smaller projects
  • you pay me a retainer
  • I send you drafts, on schedule, or before
  • if you like my draft, we move on to the next stage, or you pay me out for the project, if it’s complete
  • if you don’t like my draft, I go back to work until you love it

That’s it.

Email – salmi dot brian at gmail dot com

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